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Hi Robby here.  I finally know what my mix is.   My Mom got my DNA tested at Dr. Giebel's.  We got the results back and boy oh boy were we surprised.   I am not have no Cairn Terrier in me at all.   I'm mostly Westie.  How funny is that?   A colored Westie.  I also have Schipperke and Japanese Chin.    My coat is a lot like a Schipperke in that my head and legs have short hair while my mane has long hair and the rest medium length.  According to to the AKC website, that's how they are suppose to be.   The Westie makes sense because  I am very terrier.  I like to chase squirrels.   But Westies and Cairns are essentially the same dog but divided by color.  Westies are all white and Cairns have no white on them and come in all colors.  Now, I'm colored and I'm a Westie, so am I really a Cairn?  Hmmmm?   The real wonder in all of this is the Japanese Chin.  My tail curls more than that of a Westie and since Schipperkes don't have a tail, then it must be the Japanese Chin.    Also I have these great white feet and chest so I'm sure that's where that came from.   I am truely unique. My Mom laughs and calls me her colorful little Westie.  





Japanese Chin

Hi I'm Robby.  I was probably born in Tennessee.  My first records show that I got picked up as a stray in Kingsport, Tennessee.  Those characters at the shelter gave me a silly name - Robin Hood. Cairn Rescue USA saved me from that dismal joint where my time was short. I then took a long ride to the east coast where I was placed in a foster home.  That nice foster Mom decided I should have a more manly name so she called me Robby - Thanks foster Mom!   

I loved all the foster brothers and sisters I had at my foster Mom's house.   I have to say I was a good dog and played gently with little human visitors and all the dogs.  I just got restless from time to time and would sneak past my foster Mom.  Everyone laughs about chasing me down the highway now that it is all over.

I lived with my foster family for 14 months.  I thought I was there to stay.  However, one day we went to visit a couple who had just recently lost their Cairn Terrier.  Foster Mom told me to behave because this family might adopt me.   So I put on my big smile, wagged my tail and showed them how I like to play with toys.  I knew I didn't meet their criteria because they wanted a small female purebred Cairn.  I'm not all Cairn as you can tell  (see my DNA info above) by my extra long legs and white paws and chest.  And I'm no girl!   But they did want me!

Since being adopted, I live a very comfortable life.  I enjoy my own big (fenced) backyard where I chase squirrels and bunnies and anything else that moves.  I have two large baskets that overflow with toys.  I get to travel all the time.  I've been to the Maryland beaches, winter vacationed in sunny Florida, and make trips to the Tennessee mountains.  I also enjoy playing ball with Mom outside.  Everyone could be as happy as my family if they would adopt a pet.